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Michi: Hi my name is Michi Anon, I’m 14 and in the 9th grade. I live in South Carolina and I’m more than the average girl. There is more to me than you would realize at first glance. Ever since that day I’ve been flying on angel’s wings! This is my story… (Michi gets cut off in mid-sentence.)

Lisa: What?! No! Wait a minute!! What do you mean your story?! (On the bottom half of the scream a light bulb turns in showing Lisa and Katie, in a room that has two chairs and a table. Katie is sitting and Lisa is standing behind the table.)

Katie: This is our story too, if you didn’t notice. How could it be your story when I’m here!!! And if anything I would be the main character!!! (A light bulb turns on the upper half of the screen, revealing Michi sitting in a chair behind a table.)

Michi: No if anyone is the main character it’s me!!!!

Lisa: What makes you think that!?

Michi: Because I’m a better angel than you guys.

Lisa: Oh that is soooo not true!!!!

Michi: It so is!!!

Lisa: Nope Arthur is better than you [under her breath] and I’m better than you too. (Michi glares at Lisa.)

Michi: What was that?

Lisa: Nothing… Oh nothing…

Michi: And anyway Arthur doesn’t count. (Arthur steps walks onto the top half of the screen.)

Arthur: Oooh Michi, what do you mean I don’t count!?

Michi: Well I meant that….that…….Aaaah…. It’s just that…you’re so advanced then all of us that it wouldn’t be fair for the other angels. And we’re talking about the girls not guys.

Arthur: [Full of sarcasm] Ah…sure... (Gabriel walks into the bottom half of the screen.)

Gabriel: Ah guys we need to…. (Gabriel gets cut off.)

Katie: Oooooh, hi Gabi!!!! (She gets up and wraps her arms around Gabriel’s arm. Michi bursts into flames.)

Michi: KATIE, GET OFF OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie: Nooooo!!!! I don’t want to!!!

Michi: KATIE!!!!! [Hold the ie for 4 seconds] (Michi stands up grabbing the table’s edge, breaking it off. She starts to raise her fist.)

Katie: Oooh Gabriel save me, Michi is scaring me!!! (She pulls herself closer to him, as Gabriel uncomfortably looks to his side. Arthur looks at his pocket watch.)

Arthur: Aaaah guys...


Katie: Aaaaah….no Gabi doesn’t mind, right Gabi? (Gabriel lets out a huge sigh.)

Gabriel: [under his breath] Why me… [Normal volume] Katie I told you not to call me that. (Michi’s fire went out.)

Michi: Ha! You see now get off of him!! (Gabriel sighs again.)

Gabriel: Why me…

Arthur: Aaaah guys….Guys!!!! (No one was listening to him. He sighs and walks off.)

Lisa: Seriously you guys knock it off!! (Lisa sits in her chair and turns to Katie.) Katie get off of Gabriel (Lisa turns to Michi) and Mitch calm down.

Michi: LISA!!!!!! [Hold the “a” for 4 seconds] (Michi is in flames again.) My name is Michi not Mitch!!! Mitch is a boy’s name!!! I’m a girl!!!! My name is Michi not MITCH!!!!!!

Lisa: Whatever, stop being over dramatic over a boy!!! (Just then Elliot walks in on the top half of the screen.)

Elliot: Aaaaah guys Arthur just told me to…. (Michi fire died out. Elliot gets cut off but the twinkle in Michi’s eye, this makes him very nervous.)

Michi: Hi Elli!!!! (Michi wraps her arms around Elliot’s arm, and puts her head on his shoulder.)

Elliot: *What did I just walk into?* (A demonic aura starts to rise out of Lisa.)

Lisa: Michi, what are you doing?

Michi: Oh nothing just cuddling with Elli.

Lisa: Well stop it!!!

Michi: What’s the matter, are you getting over dramatic over a boy?

Lisa: Of course not! Especially over Elliot! I just don’t like girls falling all over that pervert. (Lisa crosses her arms and looks to the side in anger.)

Michi: Are you sure, because in that case, Elli lets go on a date.

Lisa: Michi!!!! [Hold Michi for 4 seconds. Sound angry but in control]

Michi: It can be the two of use. (She pulls herself closer, getting closer to his face.)

Elliot: Umm I rather not.

Michi: Oh come on Elli, it will be fun.

Lisa: Get off on him NOW!

Michi: No, why should I? (Lisa grabs the arms of her chair.)

Lisa: Michi in not telling you again!!! [Getting really angry, starting to lose control]

Michi: Good, then don’t say anything. You’re killing the mood.

Lisa: GET OFF OF HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Lisa is totally about to lose it.]

Katie: (Katie lets go of Gabriel and smirks.) If I didn’t know better, I would think that you like him. (Lisa looks down.)

Lisa: I…I don’t…

Michi: Good, then you won’t mind if we do this? (Lisa looks up at Michi, who closes her eyes and puckers her lips. Lisa breaks though her chair.)

Lisa: [She yells.] That’s it!!!!!!! (Lisa jumps onto the table and punches a huge hole through the floor that separates the two floors.) MICHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michi: Aaaaah *Maybe I over did it?* (She runs behind Elliot for protection. Gabriel and Katie jumps through the hole. Elliot and Gabriel grab Lisa trying to hold her back so she won’t hurt Michi. Katie is in front of Michi blocking Lisa’s path.)

Katie: Lisa for the good of the show calm down…Lisa…

Gabriel: Lucas, Carlos, Steven, even Jack…someone….Help she’s slipping!!!!

(Jack walks in and looks at Lisa. Her eyes are glowing red and she is covered in a demonic aura. This causes Jack to gulp.)

Jack: Yes you guys are on your oven see yes. Good luck though.

(He walks out when Steven and Lukas run in and grab Lisa’s arms. They start to pull Lisa back. Carlos took out his camera out and starts taking pictures. Arthur walks in.)

Arthur: Really Elliot, I sent you in because you said that you can stop the bickering and get the show started.

Elliot: I thought I could…but I was wrong. (Arthur lets out a huge sigh and shakes his head. He turns to the audience.)

Arthur: I’m sorry for the wait. Enjoy the show.

(Everyone’s fighting became louder and Arthur starts to get angry.)

Arthur: Guys knock it off!!!!!!

Everyone but Arthur: Huh?


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brooke H.
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I love anime. When i grow up i want to make anime tv shows that make people laugh.

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