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I'm running through the woods with my Bow and arrows. My long curly brown hair is in a tight ponytail. I'm covered in dirt and scratches. I'm being chased, chased by something big. And scary!! I grab a low branch and swing into the tree. I take out an arrow, set it in place, and fired at the creature. It lets out a horrible roar of pain and anger. It spots me in the tree. It picks up a huge rock and throws it at me. I dodge it by jumping out of the tree; another rock is heading towards me when unpleasant sound wakes me up. Aaaa What now!! It's Friday and I just got back from school 15 minutes ago!!!
"Crystal, Crystal!! Get down here you lazy good for nothing brat!" Aaaaaaaa!!!! I hate that man!!!!! He doesn't deserve the love and kindness of my mother!!! I don't understand why she tolerates him!!! Ok he did help with the hospital bills when I got in that accident two years ago, but all he does is use our money to gamble and to spoil his good for nothing son Brandon!! Well you see although Harold gambles a lot of money, he has a good income coming in from his job. He's a CEO of a huge company, and he does have looks, but don't let that fool you, he's scum!!!! It is also annoying that he thinks that my mom is lucky to have him, because he's good looking. He has neatly brushed brown hair, light blue eyes, tan, and fit.  His son isn't much better either sure, at first you think he might be better than his father, but he's just as bad!!!!! Brandon looks similar to his father. He has the same color hair, but his is a bit spikey, he has blue eyes but lighter than his father's, but he is pale. They think that there better than anyone who is not as fortunate as them, aka me and my mom. I don't like hating people, I believe that we can all get past peoples differences and be friends, but they treat us like dirt and I hate it. I would do something about it but each time I'm about to stand up to them, my mom stops me, I wonder why. I hear a pounding at my door.
"Hey, you slut!" Brandon yells opening the door. "Get up; my dad needs you to do something." Wait did he just call me a slut?! Aaaaa I hate him and his father!!!
"And why can't he do it himself or you do it?"
"Because, we can make you do it, after all you and your mother owe my father." I let out a sigh and roll my eyes.
"I'll be right there." I jump out of my bed, dash down the stairs, and into the kitchen were Harold usually is, shoving my mother's great cooking into his face.
"There you are, you lazy girl!" Snorts Harold I let out a sigh,
I really hate this guy like seriously I H, A, T, E this guy!!! I force a smile on my face, trying to appease him. I don't want to but I will for my mom's sake.
"I'm sorry that I made you wait can I do something for you?" Aaaaa!!!! I hate this!!!!!
"I need you to go out and buy more milk I just drank the rest."
"Ok, can I have the keys to the car?"
"What are you mad, you stupid girl, you can't drive!! You're too young!"
"No I'm not, I'm 17."
"Are you, really? No matter you still can't drive my baby!"
"Then how am I going to get your milk?"
"Ride our bike, and you need the exercise anyway, you're gaining more weight." Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! He did not say that I'm getting fat and need to exercise!!!! If anyone needs to exercise, it's him!!! He is the one always shoving food in his face!!!!! Aaaaaa!!! I hate him!!!!!! Forcing myself to maintain my fake smile, I nod my head.
"Here." He takes a five dollar bill out. He extends his hand then pulls it back. "I want the change and the receipt. Don't go buying other stuff with my money, you hear?!" Still forcing a smile on my face and trying so hard not to give an attitude as I answer him.
"Yes sir, I might be awhile, but I'm going to get your milk." Before he was able to say anything else I quickly take five dollar bill, and start walking out of the room. I put on my shoes and then head towards garage were my bike is, when I found my bike is broken!
"No, what happened?!!" Brandon walks in the room and leans into the doorway.
"O yea I forgot to tell you, I ran over your bike with the car when I was backing up yesterday."
"Really Brandon, now how am I going to get the milk for your dad?!"
"I don't know run? You need to lose the weight anyway." No way was I just called over weight again, for the second time today!!!!!!!!!
"You…." Brandon cuts me off before I can get another word out.
"Shouldn't you get going now? The sooner you go, the sooner my dad gets his milk." He walks out of the garage with a big annoying smirk on his face. I told you he is as bad as his father didn't I?!!! I let out a huge sigh. Oh well, I can't cry about it now. I have to get milk for Harold. I guess I can borrow Abby's bike. Abby is my best friend, ever since I was 6 years old. She lives a couple of blocks away from me. I ran outside to Abby's house. I ring the doorbell, an about a minute Abby answers the door. Abby is really pretty! She has short dark brown curly hair that go up to her shoulders, she is skinny. The normal skinny, not the model scary skinny, and beautiful hazel eyes and anyone could stare into for hours. And that's why Brandon hits on her. Aaaa it's so gross! It gives both of us the chills. 
"Hey Crystal, what's up? Do you need something?"
"Yea, can I take your bike, Brandon ran over mine with the car, and Harold wants me to get him milk."
"Why can't you use his car, you have a learners permit."
"Of course I can't use the car that would make it easy for me." I said with extra sarcasm.
"Aaaa I hate that guy!!! He and his son always pick on you, and Brandon gives me the creeps!!!
"You're preaching to the choir!!"
"You don't have to take my bike, I'll drive you there."
"Thanks Abby!!!" I hug her "You're a life saver!!!" Abby is the same age as I am, but five months older than me. She gives a sweet smile, and lets me in closing the door behind me.
"Wait here and I will get my keys." She left me in the foyer, she came back in a few moment and we were about to leave when her twin brother, Chris, can down the stairs. He looks similar to Abby, like they have the same color eyes, dark brown hair like Abby's but his hair is straight, same nose, but he has a stronger jawline, and he's a he's a boy and she's a girl.
"Abby where are you going?"
"I'm going to give Crystal a ride to the store."
"Aaaa, no you're not. I'm going to take the car."
"To were?!"
"To Josh's to return his binder. He let me borrow it and he needs it back right away."
"You can do that later; I need to get Crystal to the store." Chris was about to protest when I step toward him.
"Please Chris, Harold is forcing me to go get milk for him, and he won't let me drive the car." He looks down at me then he sighs.
"Fine, ok." He looks at Abby. "Go to the store but come back as fast as you can ok?" I smile at him and gave him a hug.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I promise to be quick. We're only getting milk nothing else so it will be quick!" Chris laughs and hugs me back.
"Crystal, it's ok. Just go." Abby coughs, and both Chris and I look at her. She raises an eyebrow, and then I look back at Chris. We were hugging each other. I pull away from him and look down. We were hugging. We were hugging!!!! I had a crush on him ever since I was 10. He was always there when I need someone to talk to or to be there. I never told Abby that I like him because I was afraid on what she would say.
"Come on Crystal lets go." Abby said cheerfully. I look at her and nod my head with a smile on my face. I turn and said good bye to Chris and I walk out the door with Abby. When we get to into the car I look over at Abby, who is staring at me.
"What was that between you and my brother?"
"Nothing! Nothing is going on!" Well it's true; I'm not planning to go out with him. It might put our friendship in jeopardy. 
"Well you two seemed to be a bit close a little while ago." 
"Because he's a good person and we're friends. That's all. I would never do anything with him in that way!"
" In what way I was wondering when you too started to be friends....... Is there something you want to tell me?" Abby raises an eyebrow. 
"Nope, nothing. Nothing not at all. We should get going we have been in the driveway for a while." Abby is still giving me a suspicious look, but then the looks at her rear view mirror and backs out of the driveway. On the drive to the store the car was silent, and suddenly I got really sleepy. Well Harold did wake me up earlier and probably won't be able to sleep when I get home, so I let myself fall asleep.
I'm running through the dark forest with a bow in my hand and a tube/case of arrows on my back. Something huge is chasing me. It's the creature from before! I know that I can't out run it and it is way stronger than me, so I can face it head on, but I can try to confuse and over whelm it. I start to weaving through the trees, dodging through branches. I look back at the creature; it was running through the branches, as if they weren't there. I grab on to a low branch and swing myself into the tree. When I saw its red glowing eyes, I grab an arrow, put it into place, and pulled back. I jump out of the tree and let the arrow go. It hit it between the eyes. As I hit the dirt, I get up and start running again. It lets out a roar of pain and anger. I take two more arrows, load them into place. I turn around pulling the arrows back. I let the arrows go, and they go flying at its head. The creature grabs them both, and breaks them in half. Great, just great. I reach for another arrow when I did feel any. Great! I'm out of arrows! I could tell that it is gaining on me. What am I going to do?! I don't have any arrows left!!!
'Crystal calm down.' Wow…What the…Why is there a voice in my head, that's not mine! It sound like a man in his late 30's.
'Crystal, calm down and clear your thoughts.' Oh man I'm going nuts!
'Crystal you're not going nuts.' Who are you? Why are you in my head?! And how do you know my name?!
'Crystal just do what I say. Calm down, clear your mind, gather all of your inner strength, and pull back the string on your bow.' For some reason I trust the voice and did what he said. I took a deep breath and pull back on my bow, and a golden glowing arrow appears in my hand, loaded and ready for me to fire. I was about to let go, when someone was shaking me.
"Crystal wake up were here. Crystal… Crystal." I wake up to see Abby.
"How long was I asleep?"
"About ten minutes."
"Ok, thanks for waking me up."
"Were you having a dream, you looked really intense when you were sleeping." We both got out of the car and start walking into the store.
"Yea, it's was a really intense dream."
"Really, what was it about?"
"It was about something chasing me through the woods. I couldn't see it, but it was huge, strong, and had red glowing eyes. I had my archery gear and shooting arrows at it. I used up all of my arrows when a voice in my head told me to calm down clear my mind and pull back on my bow string." I look at Abby and she looks really nervous.
"And what happened after that?" She was really serious. Like this was a big deal, which it wasn't it was a dream.
 "I did as the voice said. I took a deep breath and pulled back on the bow string, and a golden glowing arrow appeared out of nowhere. I was about to shoot the creature when you woke me up." Abby still looks worried, but she puts on a smile and said
"Cool dream, come on let's get Harold's milk." I smile and nod my head. After that Abby and I didn't really talk. I wonder what made her so worried. Was it about my dream? It was only a dream, there is nothing to be afraid about…Was there? We got to the milk section and I couldn't believe it, they were out of milk!! Oh man!!!! I know Harold will blame me, for not getting here fast enough to get the milk and then punish me!! I let out a huge sigh. Well I rather get home and get it over with, than to linger and make it worse. Abby and I went back to the car and got in. In about 20 minutes Abby drove me home and I'm at the front of the house. I take out my key and walk in. There waiting for me was no other but Harold. He looks at my hands and his face turns red with anger. Well this is going to be fun.
"Where is my milk?!" He demanded
"When I got there they were out of milk."
"Don't you lie to me you brat!!!"
"I'm not lying! I'm telling the truth!" I talk out the five dollar bill and extend my hand for him to take it back. He stanches it out of my hand.
"Likely story I knew that you couldn't be trusted to do such an easy task!" he shouts at me.
"It's not my fault they were out of milk when I got there." I was trying hard not to yell back. It's hard someone is yelling in your face.
"Then you should have got there faster!"
"How could I when you didn't let me take the car, and Brandon broke my bike! I had to go to a friend's house and ask them for a ride."
"Don't take a tone with me you…" He was cut off, from a voice across the room.
"Stop yelling at my daughter! It was not her fault! There was no milk; you have your money so there is no reason for this to continue." I look behind me to see my mom. She hates it when Harold picks on me, and she takes a lot form Harold so I don't get as abused. Harold nods at my mother and she walks up stairs. Harold leans in to my face and whispers.
"We're not done here." Then he walks up the stairs. I just can't get a break can I? I let out a sigh and walk up the stairs to my room.  I flop on my bed and I fall asleep. I was asleep for about ten minutes when my mom is waking me up.
"Crystal… Crystal sweetie."
"Yea mom? What's up?" I ask still a bit sleepy. Is it ok if you go to Abby's house tonight, Harold is really mad, there is something wrong going on at work and I'm afraid that he will take it out on you."
"No mom, then he will take it out on you!"
"I'll be fine he won't hurt me, but he might hurt you, and I don't know what I would do to him if he hurts you. You're the best thing that ever has happened to me." I let out a sigh and give in.
"Alright I'll go." My mom gives a warm loving smile.
"I already called her mom and she knows that you're coming." I let out a sigh and start to pack my pajamas, extra pair of clothes, and my tooth brush in a small pink bag, which has my name on it. I went down stairs, put on my shoes, went out the door, and start walking to Abby's house. The sun was staring to set and was at Abby's front door. I push the door bell, and in minutes Abby opens the door and lets me in.
"My mom told me what happened, so what problems do you think Harold is having at his job. I bet he deserves it!"
"Abby! No one deserves bad thing to happen to them."
"O come on Crystal! You can't honestly tell me that you think he doesn't deserve something bad after what he has put you and your mother through?"
"True, I don't like him and I want him to change his ways, but I don't want bad things to happen to him!"
"Wow you're too nice for your own good, but I admire that. Come on let me show you to the guest bed room." I follow Abby up the stairs. I was the first door on the left. The first door on the right is the bathroom. The second on the right is her parent's bed room. Next to the guest room is Chris's room and next to that is Abby's room. They have a backyard that is connected to the woods. The bathroom door opens and Chris walks out in his boxers. I guess he was about to go to bed. I can feel the blush rush to my cheeks and turn around.
"Chris you idiot! Put on pants and a shirt! I told you Crystal will be here soon!"
"I thought I had enough time to go to bed before she got here. Sorry Crystal."
"Aaaa no… it's ok….Don't worry about it." I walk into the guest room. I hear Abby yell at Chris some more and she comes in.
"Sorry about that."
"It's ok, why is he talking a shower so early. Its 7:45?"
"He has training in the morning." Her eyes got wide, like she wasn't supposed to say that.
"Training?" What did she mean by training Chris doesn't play any spots, at least not that I know of?
"He going to work out tomorrow, to stay in shape. He likes to wake up early so he can make the most of the day…" She puts on a smile. If I didn't know better I would think that she is hiding something from me. I just shrug it off and move on. We talked for a long time until my stomach growled. I forgot I haven't eaten since lunch. Abby laughs.
"So you're hungry? Well I am to lets go eat something." I smile and we walk down stairs. She goings into the pantry, as I sit down at the breakfast bar. She takes out a box of cheerios and puts it on the breakfast bar. I raise my eyebrow. 
"Why not?"
"Because it's night, that's for breakfast, which is in the morning."
"Why not breakfast for dinner?" I shrug.
"I guess we can. Ok." Abby smiles, grabs two bowls, two spoons, and milk…..Aaaaa….Milk…. I stare at the milk as if it was mocking me. Abby looks at me and laughs a little bit, as if she is reading my thoughts. She shakes her head and lets out a little sigh.
"Who knew that milk can make so much trouble?"
"I didn't until today." Abby pores the cheerios in to her bowl, pores milk in, and starts to eat. I gab the box and poor the cereal into the bowl and start to eat.
"You're not going to use the milk?"
"Nope, I don't think I will use it anytime soon. I feel like it's mocking me." Abby pats me on the back and keeps eating. We finish in about 10 minutes and went back up stairs.
"Well I'm going to bed see you in the morning Crystal." Abby waves and walks into the bathroom, I guess to brush her teeth. I wave back and walk into the guest room. I take off my bag and place it on the bed. I open it and take out my owl pajamas (…) and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I knocked but no one answered. I went in, brushed my teeth, and went to bed. As I lay in bed no matter how hard I try, I just can't fall asleep! It was about 16 minutes when I was about to fall asleep when out of nowhere there's a thud. I shake my head trying to fall asleep, but the thuds became louder and louder. Aaaa I can't take it! What is that! I jump out of bed storming out of the room, when Abby runs past me, and stops dead in her tracks. She turns to me, she wearing a black turtleneck, black pants, black sneakers, ninja throwing knifes hooked on her pants, and a sword in her hand! (…)Her eyes widen as do mine.
"Abby…why do you have that?" I point to the sword. She gives me a worried look and then she gives me the most serious look that I have ever seen in my life!
"Crystal go into your room, lock the door, and hide! Don't come out no matter what you hear, GOT IT!!!!"
"But..." Abby cuts me off.
"No buts now go!! She yells at me. I run back into my room, locking the door behind me. I open the closet door, and hide behind clothing closing the door behind me. I can hear Abby and Chris yelling and I think I hear the clashing of metal against something hard, and I hear….no…. it can't be…. I hear a roar of pain and anger, the same one form my dreams!!! Then I hear a woman's scream, it's Abby's mom. That's it I can't stay in the closet and hide!!!! I have to do something! I burst out of the closet, unlock the door and run down the stairs. I hear the roaring and yelling outside in the backyard. I see Abby and Chris fighting a huge monster! It has black fur and red eyes. It is really tall I would say it's about 7'5! It has huge muscles, and has horns!! It looks like its half man and half bull….O my god; I know what it is, but…. But they don't exist….Minotaurs don't exists. They only exist in Greek mythology!!!!! What's going on! Abby and Chris are fighting a Minotaur! Chris has a sword in his hand and
Khan Yiji Twin Japanese Sais hooked on his pants. Chris is wearing a black hoody, pants and sneakers (…). There on the ground their mom is backing away from the fight! I run over to Abby's mom pulling her up to her feet. She looks at me in shock, leaning on my shoulder. We hurry into the house together; I look down at her to see that her arm is bleeding. We go into the kitchen and she sits down in a chair. I am about to run into the bathroom to get bandages but she grabs my arm stopping me dead in my tracks.
"Crystal you need to go out there and fight."
"What?! Me?! What can I do?!"
"You can do more than you think. I wouldn't ask you to do this unless I know that you can do it, and Abby and Chris need your help! They can't fight that monster alone."
"But I don't have a weapon to defend myself with."
"Follow me." I follow Abby's mom in to the attic, and she opens a trunk, and wardrobe full of weapons! Wow… There were swords, daggers, whips, knives,
Khan Yiji Twin Japanese Sais, axes, ninja throwing stars, scythes, and a bow and arrows!! Wow I never know this was up here….that's why I was never allowed up here when I ever came over when I was little! I grab the bow and arrows, ran out of the attic, and out the back door to the back year. When I got there, the monster had grabbed Chris by the neck and lifted off of the ground, and Abby lying on the ground. The sight of this makes me furious. I take out an arrow, load it into place and fire it at the Minotaur. It hit him right in the side of its neck, not totally piercing into its neck. Wow, it has really thick skin. It let out a roar of pain and anger. It drops Chris and looks at me with its glowing red eyes. Abby and Chris look straight at me with fear in their eyes. It starts to charge at me when Abby slashes at it with her sword, on his chest, when Chris slashes it on its back. I send another arrow but this time hitting its forehead. It swings its claws at Abby, Abby jumps back dodging its attack. It rips the arrow out of its forehead. It lets out a roar and gives me the death glare. I return its glare; it digs his left huff into the ground and runs towards me. Abby jumps and I jump out of the way landing on the ground doing a tumble roll. I get up and run into the forest. I look behind me and saw the Minotaur running behind, and Chris and Abby following behind. I start to weaving throw the trees, dodging through branches. I look back at the creature; it was running through the branches, as if they weren't there, just like it did in my dream. Abby and Chris try to follow but the broken branches are in their way, and the monster and I lost them. Really?! I didn't lose the monster but I did lose Abby and Chris….great! Just great!!! The thing I wanted to lose I didn't but I lost the people who are trying to protect me…..Well this may not end well…I look up ahead and there is a large low branch that I saw in my dream. I grab onto the low branch and swing myself into the tree. When I saw its red glowing eyes, I grab an arrow, pit it into place, and pulled back. I jump out of the tree and let the arrow go. It hit it between the eyes. As I hit the dirt, I get up and start running again. It lets out a roar of pain and anger. The same as in my dream…my dream…that's it!!!! I see a boulder about 20 feet up ahead. I sprint to it and climb to the top. I take a deep breath and clear my mind. I pull back on the bow string and open my eyes. I can feel something about to happen when the Minotaur rams into the boulder shattering it into rubble, causing me to fall. I hit the ground and I am right under the Minotaur. My eyes widen as it bends down to grab me. O my god... Am I about to die… is this how my life ends… Before the Minotaur grabs me it roars in pain and turns around, on its back are three ninja throwing knifes. Behind the Minotaur is Abby and Chris! Abby goes charging at the Minotaur.
"Get away from my best friend!!!!" She swings her sword at the Minotaur, forcing it to jump back. She forces the Minotaur about five feet away from me when Chris runs over.
"Are you ok? Are you hurt?!" I shake my head as he stares at me with concern in his eyes.
"Chris!!" Abby yells. We look at her as the Minotaur is lifting Abby up by her hands, in its huge hand. Chris runs to aid Abby, but the Minotaur throws Abby into Chris knocking him to the ground. The Minotaur rips a tree out of the ground. I know what it's about to do, it's going to crush them with the tree, killing them! I can't let this happen!!!! I reach for an arrow but…Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!! I'm out of arrows!!!!! This can't be happening!!! I can't lose them!!!! I can't!!! I won't let it happen!!!!!!! I took a deep breath, clearing my mind, the only thought I have is killing the Minotaur. I pull back on the bow string, I can feel something form in my hand, and a glowing golden arrow is set in place in my bow, ready to fire. I amid the arrow right between the Minotaur's eyes.
"Hey! You!" The Minotaur looks at me, and narrows its eyes. "Get away from my friends!!!" I shout as I release the arrow.


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